Public Safety

Gene’s commitment to public safety has made the 47th Ward statistically one of the safest communities in the City.  He helped establish the 19th Police District and Court facilities at Belmont and Western as well as the fire station at Damen and Grace. 

As father to a Chicago Police Officer, Gene has been a longtime supporter of the many men and women who dedicate their lives to keep our streets safe. While the police are on the front lines of fighting crime, Gene knows the importance of community involvement in building public safety.

Gene’s commitment to building neighborhoods with good schools, after school programs, cultural establishments, parks and play lots, and maintaining infrastructure add to the community framework and help keep the 47th Ward streets safer. 

He is an advocate of the Chicago Alternative Policing Strategy (CAPS) program, which brings police officers and community members together to discuss crime and public safety issues. Through this program, regularly scheduled CAPS meetings bring neighborhood beat officers, local residents and other city agencies together to identify and solve neighborhood public safety issues.

To find your local police district and beat as well as information about CAPS meetings in your area, please click here.

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