Announcement from Alderman Gene Schulter

Posted: 1/17/2011

Since 1975, I have served the residents of the 47th Ward with hard work, integrity, and dedication.  Today, I am announcing that I will not seek reelection as Alderman, confident that my years of public service to this community will be remembered as some of the greatest moments of my career. 

As most of you know, I've submitted an application to serve on the Cook County Board of Review - a cause that will allow me the opportunity to continue to advocate on behalf of community residents.  Over the past decade, I've become passionate about working with my neighbors to support a fair and equitable property tax.

As Alderman, I've worked to call for legislative action in Springfield and to provide as much support and information as possible to residents throughout the city who are struggling with property tax increases.  As a candidate for Commissioner to serve on the Cook County Board of Review, I believe there is much more to be done to support fair property taxes for all Chicagoans.

As a community, we've accomplished incredible things in our ward.  We've turned blocks that were once redlined into thriving and vibrant neighborhoods.  We've turned schools that were once struggling into some of the most competitive schools in the city.  We've created affordable housing options for our seniors and ensured that all of our residents have access to efficient public transportation.  We've improved our parks and supported the arts community. 

Together, I believe that we have created the best ward to live and work in the City of Chicago.  The work isn't over yet, though.   As we move forward, we must continue to work together to preserve and improve upon what has been accomplished.

It has been a privilege to serve the 47th Ward and as a resident, I will always remain committed to improving our community's quality of life. Thank you for your trust and support

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